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Travelling can change yourlife forever.

I love travelling, in my home town I used to travell just from one city to another but still I enjoyed it, the feeling of being away from usual and sometimes monotonus stuff makes me very excited. But this time when I had to travel over seas far far way from home and everything I was used to inorder to persue my masters' studies my life changed for ever.

In the process I met this great guy who became the man of my life later and we got married and living happily. It was beautiful and stil today when we are celebrating some important moments in our lives we prefer travelling and celebrate in a new different area, society name it even though our economic situations are not sounding yet . Travelling doesnot only change the place physically but the emotional,social feelings and experiences.By the time we come back to our place we actually enjoy it more and the new energy and feelings keep life worth living.

Life without travelling can be boring, leads to stress and probably limit your chances to live and enjoy your life. I encourange you to utlise the chances you have to travel, you will not remain the same.

Kind regards,
Lady Irene

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